Founder and CEO at One Take Media Co detailed the new bet of the company “Sheikh Chilli and Friendz” and reveled that the distribution company is looking for Turkish series, more animation titles and original TV series.


The Indian production and distribution company One Take Media Co presented to the international market  its new bet “Sheikh Chilli and Friendz”, a new animation series very popular in India. “Is a very unique show with worldwide appealing,” commented Anil Khera, Founder and CEO to Señal News.

The main characters of “Sheikh Chilli and Friendz” (104x11’) come from a successful comic magazine in India and the stories are starring by Sheikh Chilli, a 9-year old boy who lives in a town called Jhunjhun Nagariya. He is a sweet and innocent lad and has some good friends. He has a friend, Bulbul, who talks a lot but is dumb-witted. Mallika is Sheikh Chill’s dear friend and she’s very intelligent. Then we have “The One And Only” Khatkoo, who is just 6 inches tall and stays in Sheikh Chilli’s pocket. Noorie Jinn was found by Sheikh Chilli in a bottle. He comes out of the bottle only when Sheikh Chilli recites the magic words and does only what Sheikh Chilli asks him to do. Buri is a sorceress and is out to get the necklace with the blue diamond worn by Noorie Jinn. Another character is Gama, Sheikh Chilli’s class-mate, a bully that is always troubling Sheikh Chilli. Lootera is the stupid thief who is always trying to rob everybody but does not succeed because of Sheikh Chilli’s gang.

In India the show is successfully running on Discovery Kids and has millions of followers.“We acquired the worldwide rights of this show, except for SAARC región an we received very good enquiries from all around the world for this tittle,” said Khera. “Sheikh Chilli and genie stories have a worldwide appealing, are very popular because all the kids want the magic tricks from the genie in the bottle and  we are selling the series all over the world”, completed the CEO and Founder.

Besides this new animation series, One Take Media Co also offers cooking shows as “The Great Indian Global Content”, others animations series as “Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies”, more than 50 most popular Korean TV series which are dubbed in Hindi as “King’s Love”, “Bride of the Century”, “Melting Heart”, “That Man Oh So”, “Rich Man” and “1 per cent of Something”. “We are very happy with our catalog and we got very good response from the buyers”, said.

Currently One Take Media has got a mix of business model, we produce our own animation shows, cooking shows but also acquire shows from others for distribution, and we distribute Hollywood movies  and Korean series in India and in Asian countries”, explained Khera.

The company is focusing in South Asia region and Middle East region but “Sheikh Chilli and Friendz” is for all over the globe because kids have common language on animation. “The magic pick has impressed India children, american children so we have common aliment in animation and it can appeal all over the world”, asserted Khera.  


One Take Media Co is looking at a wide variety of Turkish series and is going to introduce a few more animation series to its library and also some very original series and TV series. The original productions and the atractive acquisitions put to One Take Media Co in a good position to compite in the current ecosystem. “Competition is bad but a smart player should know how to make his own place in the crowded market but creating some diferenciation in the product offering. We have a unique show that makes our present well and with that we sell the other series as well as a package,” reveled the executive.


Regarding Khera, the distribution and the broadcasting ecosystem is gradually changing from broadcasting to OTT so One Take Media Co also have to adapted to those changes. “Currently with OTT nobody makes money and in broadcasting there is businesss model to make money”, opined.

“In OTT industry, customers come and see the show for free and leave no money, only a few OTT companies make money like the established players as Netflix, Amazon or someother broadcasters apps, the rest of them are struggling to get the customers, to get the suscribers so they do offer them for free, suscribers don’t pay the streaming cost to the company and very few OTT companies make money, that ‘s the challenge”, explaind.

“Hopefully in the becoming years there are be millons of OTT apps, but a few of them will take along, will get merged and then the business model will be emerge in how to make money in the OTT business,” concluded.

By Romina Rodríguez

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