MIPTV 2024: ARTE Distribution to bring a diverse lineup

Current Affairs, high-end entertainment programs and wildlife & discovery are some of the varied categories that ARTE portfolio embraces.

12 MAR 2024

"The Curse Of Sugar"

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ARTE Distribution returns to MIPTV with a new catalogue of high-quality programs covering a wide range of topics, from rigorous investigations aimed at understanding the world in all its states to in-depth historical documentaries that shed light on the present.

The Current Affairs collection displays an acute range of international stories, from the complexities of Northern Ireland’s situation with "Nothern Ireland: Is Reunification Inevitable?" (52’) to the political landscape of Russia with "Becoming Navalny" (52’). The selection focuses on urgent issues and unique perspectives on international contemporary challenges, like "Right-Wing Extremism: The New Terrorist Threat" (52’), directed by award-winning filmmaker Audrey Gloaguen, that investigates the rise of right-wing terrorism and how it is connected to political polarization in the Western world.

Understanding the present also requires a comprehensive knowledge of the past. ARTE Distribution to present new season of "Dates That Made History", 15 new 26-minute episodes with entertaining visuals. Bringing narration to the next level in a stunning 3D feature animated documentary, "Joan of Arc" (52’ & 90’) is now available in English. In production, "The Curse Of Sugar" (2x52’) reveals a global system still fueled by the exploitation of land and people.

ARTE Distribution’s catalogue also includes numerous high-end entertainment programs that stimulate curiosity, combining the thrill of discovery with knowledge. The wildlife & discovery category abounds of exciting series. "The Rockies’ Wild Corridor" (4x43’ and 4x52’), "Europe’s Wildest Heritage" (5x43’), and "Between Heaven" (3x52’) bring the audience respectively on a journey to discover legendary animals in the great American west, at the heart of the most precious European heritage and to meet the nomadic tribes of Mongolia. "When Animals Grieve" (52’), directed by Jacques Mitsch who also made award-winning film "The Blob", is a one -of-a- kind scientific title featuring scientists from different areas of expertise who try to understand how animals react and feel around death.

Finally, ARTE Distribution’s cinema icons collection has grown even bigger, celebrating the love for international cinema. A documentary on iconic actress and singer Liza Minnelli has just been acquired in addition to various portraits: "Sharon Stone - Survival Instinct" (52’), "Kate Winslet –A Quest For Authenticity" (52’) or "Spielberg, The New Hollywood Prodigy" (52’).

Joséphine Létang, Head of International Distribution & Marketing said: “ARTE Distribution team is very excited to attend MIPTV 2024 with this strong line up to meet the high demands of our buyers. Moreover, we are very pleased to complete the team with our new sales agent, Alexandra Marguerite, who will be managing Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as Italy, Spain, Greece, UK."