13 SEP 2022

Winsing Animation attended 2022 CIFTIS with digital entertainment products

The Chinese company featured innovative cross-dimensional content and its production line of virtual content and solutions for virtual human applications.

13 SEP 2022

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Winsing Animation had presence at 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) that was held from August 31 to September 5 where it gave presentations about the competence in producing innovative cross-dimensional content and possess a well-developed production line of virtual content and multiple solutions for virtual human applications.

Since 2021, Winsing has been grasping worldwide new trends in the metaverse industry and set up a subordinate branch YMeta Studio, which specializes in the ecological operation of Virtual Human.

So far, Winsing has created several virtual figures including super-realistic AI: Cici, avatar: CGBen, super-realistic digital pet, etc. These showcases almost encompass all types of avatar/virtual idols in one-stop, stretching the services to virtual live streams, virtual shows and other multiple marketing scenarios. Furthermore, Winsing also introduced one of the first metaverse coffee shops, YMeta Coffee in China, which drew nationwide attention to blending the meta-world and reality at once.

CIFTIS is one of the three major platforms in China that serve to promote opening-up and international cooperation. More than 70 countries and international organizations attended the event representing territories such as the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

During this massive trade fair, Winsing actively had in-depth exchanges with worldwide exhibitors and media on content production, distribution, licensing of IP related toys and commercial, brand operation and future development.