22 FEB 2021


The Head of Insight TV Studios and Insight TV US described the company’s expansion into the Latin American region through sales distribution, co-productions, and connected TVs, as well as the increase in production volume following shutdowns amid the pandemic.


Señal News followed-up with the Head of Insight TV Studios and Insight TV US, Marco Frazier, who discussed the developments the company accomplished during the second semester of 2020 through the first months of 2021, and the company’s objectives for this year. The company expanded its Latin American content sales division in August through a collaboration with executives in the region. The division is led by Raquel Yepez, who has years of distribution experience with large companies in the region under her belt. “She's a very well respected, professional in that segment,” Frazier said. “She's done a lot of work in the larger companies distributing down there.”


Upon expanding in the late summer of last year, the company’s main objective in the region was to increase its presence through co-production and distribution. It has since then released several series and programs and topics related to or filmed in Latin American countries. Insight TV also started a collaboration with channel distribution with 2benamed, alongside Marco Ibarra and Edgar Spielmann. Though the collaboration hasn’t yet released titles in advanced stages, Frazier announced that there are several titles in advanced stages of content sales and channel distribution. 


Despite suffering a major impact from production shutdowns amid the pandemic since the company produces and co-produces its own content, Insight's production volume has since picked up and continues to increase following vaccine distribution. As a new entrant to the Latin American market, Frazier says the company wants to “be as local as possible” as it prioritizes co-productions with significant LATAM partners and garners other deals. The company also considers Connected TV partners as one of its main objectives for 2021 following its successful partnership with Samsung, which has launched in Brazil and will soon launch in Mexico.

The largest noted areas of demand includes "traditional MVPDs in conjunction with VOD services," with notable increases in viewership for Insight’s digital networks, with its most recent channel launching in October, and continued interest in short-form content. Frazier highlighted the company’s ability to adapt according to noted demands as it owns rights to its content, which includes its recent release of mainstream programming shot in native 4k. One of the most successful titles released last year was “Modern Day Gladiators.” The show’s execution consisted of professional e-sport gaming team selections, highlighting some of the most successful, professional Esport teams from Korea, California, and other regions, including Brazil. The series also featured the most popular Brazilian gamer, showcasing his accomplishments, hardships, and lifestyle in general.

The show is extended by another show called “Making The Squad,” which is co-produced with EA Sports, G2, and Pringles, also centered around gaming. The company has also initiated talks for potential co-productions in the region with collaboration from significant LATAM players. “Given the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, and the collapse in advertising, and some of the other challenges, I think everything is moving along pretty well,” Frazier said.

Insight’s partnership with Tomorrowland for a series of virtual concerts and live events also took place after the expansion, consisting of a New Years' Eve concert featuring globally-recognized DJ David Guetta and an August virtual event that featured artist Katy Perry. The deal helped the company acquire experience in the music event field. Insight has also organized live events in co-production with Red Bull Media House showcasing street style breakdancing. The content is targeted at Genz and Millenial audiences. “We found interesting new ways to do live events, and it really resonated well from a viewership perspective for us,” Frazier said.

By Karla Florez

Given the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, and the collapse in advertising, and some of the other challenges, I think everything is moving along pretty well.” Marco Frazier, Head of Insight TV Studios and Insight TV US,