7 APR 2022

Sergio Manfio: “We enjoyed the challenge of producing pure comedy without dialogue"

The Co-founder and Creative Director of Gruppo Alcuni, and Francesco Manfio, Co-founder and CEO of the company, anticipate its new lineup for MIPTV and highlight a peace message for kids all around the world.




It’s been three years since the last in-person MIPTV, and for Gruppo Alcuni, it’s crucial to restart physical participation again in media markets. “We’re quite happy to be returning to Cannes for MIPTV. Our expectations are quite high considering that we have many new series we can’t wait to share with buyers,”  Francesco Manfio, Co-founder and CEO of Gruppo Alcuni, told Señal News.

One of the highlights of Gruppo Alcuni for the market will be “Vlady&Mirò,” a series co-produced with RAI Ragazzi. “We’re fond about it since we enjoyed the challenge of producing pure comedy without dialogue,”  Sergio Manfio, co-founder and Creative Director Gruppo, stated. The plotline is totally surreal: a bear and a raccoon are in a cave, ready to go into hibernation. As soon as the bear falls asleep, he starts snoring, so for the entire winter season (26 episodes), the raccoon will have to come up with a thousand (insane, brilliant, dangerous, and hilarious) ways to wake him up.

Also with RAI Ragazzi as a co-producer, Gruppo Alcuni will be previewing the new “Mini Pet Pals Mini Pet Pals Start School” series, where six pets are involved in early school experiences. “It’s a welcoming and homey kind of school, where they actively engage in learning-by-doing through curiosity, creativity, and adventures,”  Sergio Manfio described.

After the success of the first series, the Italian company will also be showcasing the first episodes of “Leo da Vinci 2.” The show is a journey that young Leo da Vinci and his friends take on the trail of the King of Seilan’s famous ruby. “For these new adventures of the young Tuscan genius, it was great to have our first team enthusiastically back together again: RAI Ragazzi, Cosmos Maya, and Hessischer Rundfunk/ARD/KiKA. I want to congratulate KiKA on its 25 years of success and to wish Astrid Plenk, the Managing and Programming Director, and Sebastian Debertin, the Head of International Content Acquisitions, all the best in their valuable work and mission,”  Manfio said.


Gruppo Alcuni is in the pre-production stage for three new series: “Adventure at the MUSE’um,” “Mini Pet Pals and Mini Dinos,” and “The Black Diamond Race.” “Adventure at the MUSE’um” is a collaboration with the MUSE Museum, the science museum in Trento, and the Trentino Film Commission. The show talks about science to youngsters in a fun and innovative way. The two main characters, Anna and Gabriele, will go on a fantastic journey through a space-time portal searching for a scientist apparently lost in another dimension.

“This series is also particularly challenging to produce since it mixes live-action with animation,”  Francesco Manfio described. Gruppo Alcuni’s distribution strategies are closely tied to their production ones. The company is currently working on productions for new targets (pre-adolescents and tweens), which open them to new markets.


In the face of the terrible moment humanity is experiencing with a global pandemic and a war, children are the most affected. “It’s essential to talk to kids about what’s going on so that they don’t end up being startled by information that hasn’t been adequately filtered for their comprehension. We should also give them a simple and clear vision for the future, which is what we’re attempting to do by reviving ‘Cartoons for Peace.’ A future where the only possible direction is through education towards solidarity and cooperation; in other words, peace,”  Sergio Manfio stated. “‘Cartoons for Peace’ is produced with 20 cartoons based on storyboards from children all over the world. It is free and available for all networks interested in airing it,”  Francesco Manfio added.

By Romina Rodriguez

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