14 JUN 2023

Winsing Animation, a consolidated company with new Chinese IPs

The production and distribution company is looking to inserting in the Western market. Sophie Lau, Head of International Marketing, expressed the desire to find some new distribution and co-production partners for its Chinese IP's.


Sophie Lau


Winsing Animation has being creating its own IP's since 2003 and with flagship animation series like "GG Bond", "Team S.T.E.A.M.!" and "Gogobus", has conquered Chinese audiences. On the other hand, its animated titles have been sold to Eastern markets, for instance, Indonesian RTV has acquired "Gogobus" seasons 9 and 10, parallel with extending the license on seasons 3 and 4 in the country; the feature film "GG Bond Ocean Mission" was released in South Korean cinemas; and "Team S.T.E.A.M.!" has debuted on Hong Kong VIU TV.

Now, Winsing is looking for new distribution and co-production partners en the Western market, so the company attended MIPTV after a few absent years. "We specialize in Chinese market and now we are trying to explore worldwide markets," asserted Sophie Lau, Head of International Marketing to Señal News. With excellent result in China, franchises like "GG Bond" with 17 seasons and eight feature films, are ready to cross borders and conquer western kids audiences."Our partner Crane Kahn is responsible for 'GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers' distribution and brand licensing in the western market, and Winsing is taking in charge of the distribution in Asia," she explained.

The Winsing executive considers that Western and Asian markets are absolutely different. "This is why we made some changes on 'Kung Fu Pork Choppers', we actually created the content in different ways", she explained. "From brand beginnings, we invited US writers to write a story for 'Kung Fu Pork Choppers' and we also had an excellent tapping teams to do the English tapping localizations for the series" she continued.

Taking into account the differences between East and West world, Lau admitted that the storytelling is great important due to cultural differences between both markets. "The storytelling is quite different", she affirmed.

Winsing Animation is producing some new projects and developing several feature films. "We have Chinese traditional animated features films in development right now and we also have some anime major programs in production", Lau anticipated. In addition, the Chinese company is developing new projects targeting different age groups, and Winsing is looking for some investors and is also trying to introduce some very good property into the Chinese market.

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