5 APR 2021


Sets record in Argentine TV leading the last 11 months and surpassing a 40% share. Closes out march at #1 after a continuous daily winning streak in 2021.


Telefe, owned by ViacomCBS, is #1 in ratings once again, achieving an average share of 43.56% and 8.48 rating points in March. The cannel has held onto the #1 spot for 39 consecutive months, with the last 11 months surpassing a 40% share, a feat that has never occurred in Argentinian free-to-air television. In 2021, Telefe leads the competition with a 42.81% share and 7.95 rating points. It has been the most-watched free-to-air television network every day this year.

In March, Telefe led in every time slot: from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. it captured 39.31% share of television and 6.98 rating points; from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., 42.76% share and 7.35 rating points and from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., 47.38% share and 11.10 rating points.

"We are very proud of Telefe's performance in the first few months of this year, having achieved historical shares in ratings that increase each day," said Dario Turovelzky, SVP General Manager of South Cone and Global Content at ViacomCBS Networks Americas. "This is the result of the dedicated teamwork to achieve the same goal – to keep our audiences entertained and informed with the best content while delivering the best product to our partners."

Additionally, the Top 10 most-watched shows in March all aired on Telefe: “MasterChef Celebrity, Elimination Gala” - 70.60% share and 17.39 rating points; “MasterChef Celebrity” - 62.35% share and 17.22 rating points; “Taxi Chef” - 67.19% share and 11.15 rating points; “Viaje Chef” - 68.47% share and 10.95 rating points; “Minuto Para Ganar” - 40.69% share and 10.82 rating points; “Fuerza De Mujer” - (primetime edition)- 44.86% share and 9.98 rating points; “Fuerza De Mujer” - (afternoon edition)- 48.44% share and 9.93 rating points; “PH, Podemos Hablar” - 50.59% share and 9.75 rating points; “Telefe Noticias 2” - 34.20% share and 9.44 rating points; and “Special MasterChef Celebrity edition of Minuto Para Ganar” - 48.54% share and 9.13 rating points.

Telefe also led in the morning with “Flor de Equipo”, which led its time slot with a 37.36% share and 6.18 rating points. Followed by “El Noticiero de la Gente”, which led with a 38.51% share and 7.74 rating points.

In the afternoon timeslot, “Cortá por Lozano” continued to be the audience's top choice with an average share of 37.78% and 7.48 rating points; in addition to the most compelling love stories: “Fuerza de Mujer”, which was in the Top 10; “Züleyha” with 43.99% share and 8.44 rating points; “Guerra de Rosas” with 43.46% share and 7.82 rating points and “Floricienta” with 41.61% share and 7.03 rating points. This month's highly anticipated premiere, “Pasapalabra”, with Iván De Pineda, delivered the most entertaining rounds of questions and answers, also led with a 40.59% share and an average of 7.52 rating points.

In primetime, “Telefe Noticias” led in its time slot for 30 consecutive months and reached a 37.93% share and 8.51 rating points in March 2021. Also, the unbeatable “Minuto para Ganar”, “MasterChef Celebrity”, “Fuerza de Mujer”, which are among the Top 10 Most-Watched shows in Argentina, and the passionate story of two brothers facing off with each other, “Icerde”, which debuted this month, also led in their time slots with 40.54% share and 7.32 rating points. Rounding out the end of the day is “News Staff”, which was also #1 with 43.26% share and 5.70 average rating points.

March 2021 had incredible weekend premieres on Telefe, with the new seasons of “PH, Podemos Hablar”, which was also among the Top 10 Most-Watched Shows in Argentina this month; “La Peña de Morfi”, which led with a 49.88% share and 6.38 rating points, and the celebrity-edition of “Pasapalabra”, which led with a 40.21% share and 8.08 rating points.

Also, in March, Telefe.com reached more than 2.6 million users and more than 12 million views. The top three most viewed shows on the site were: “Fuerza de Mujer”, “MasterChef Celebrity” and “Moisés y Los Diez Mandamientos”.

Other notable digital highlights include: Telefenoticias delivered more than 2.3 million unique users and more than 13 million page views.

The @telefe social media accounts added more than 213 million video views and @telefenoticias accounts reached more than 82 million video views on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

The digital show, 24 Días Con Mamá, garnered more than 2 million video views on social media in its new season.

#MasterchefArgentina achieved more than 120 million video views on social media. Its spin-off, #AfterHour, with Fede Bal and Dolli Irigoyen, has accumulated 4 million video views in just three episodes.

Telefe's digital platforms broadcast the Free Fire League, reached a total of more than 2.1 million video views, with YouTube being the social network with the highest participation rate of the broadcast.

In the month of its premiere, #Pasapalabra reached more than 4.3 million views on social media. Also, PH, Podemos Hablar was among the top 10 of the most viewed shows on telefe.com with a reach of more than 90 thousand users and is a trending topic on Twitter every week.

April is promising to be an even bigger month for Telefe with premieres that include: the  worldwide hit, Doctor Milagro; Trato Hecho with Lizy Tagliani, an exciting show with prizes worth millions; Minuto para Ganar wraps its current season with surprising new games; and the excitement continues to grow in MasterChef Celebrity, the most successful cooking competition on television; and the continuation of some of the most successful seasons, the best love stories, the five newscasts and much more.

This is the result of the dedicated teamwork to achieve the same goal – to keep our audiences entertained and informed with the best content while delivering the best product to our partners” Dario Turovelzky SVP General Manager of South Cone and Global Content at ViacomCBS Networks Americas