Armoza launches new dating show, “Dating The Mob”

The new dating format, showcasing a mystery bachelor on a quest to choose the love of his life out of a line of 25 single women, is set to be distributed internationally.


Armoza Formats, part of ITV Studios, recently announced the international launch of its new dating format, "Dating the Mob."“We are excited that ‘Dating the Mob’ is launching internationally as it is the perfect time for the format: a lot of people are tired of shallow dates through the apps where only your profile and looks define who you are,”  Duurt Holman, Creative Director at Stepping Stone, said.

The series showcases  a mob of 25 single ladies as they tour 3 significant stops of the life of a mystery bachelor – deciding if they want to continue on the journey to love before even seeing him. At each stop, our mob will have an experience based on the episode’s bachelor’s life. After each stop, each single lady must decide to stay on the journey and continue to the next stop or go and meet a new bachelor in the next episode.

“We developed the basic idea at Stepping Stone, but working closely on the format with Armoza really took it to the next level to give you this dating show with a real heart,” Holman continued.

While the mob has been touring his life, our bachelor anxiously watches to see which of the ladies chose to meet him at the end and then it’s his turn to choose. After a special group date with his 3 chosen ladies, he must pick his final choice. “Dating the Mob’ has everything you’d want in a dating format – getting a glimpse into the life of a potential bachelor, the real bonding that the women go through on their journey, and favorite recurring cast of characters - creating a unique blend of reality and dating that will take viewers on an adventure to love,” Michal Itzhaki, Head of Content Partnerships at Armoza Formats said. “Through our successful collaboration with Stepping Stone, we maximized our creative forces in order to bring to you this fun, feel-good dating format.”