10 MAR 2020


This new deal promises an ambitious awareness-raising program and engages more the brand in the preservation of the environment.


"Molang" inked a new partnership with the Race For Water Foundation to fight for the Oceans protection. From March 28th, the brand will join the beautiful solar-powered boat of Race For Water as a new crewmember and the  first stop will be Fukuoka in Japan. This collaboration follows on Molang Paris Aquarium exhibition which has ended this week and has offered the opportunity to families to discover with Molang the marine world and what threatens it today.

This new partnership promises an ambitious awareness-raising program and engages more Molang in the preservation of the environment. "Molang" will help Race For Water team to raise awareness, across all the seas of the globe, among the various audiences encountered: decision-makers, industrialists, government authorities,schools, local people. More than 50,000 people are expected on board.

"We are delighted to welcome Molang aboard Race for Water. This character, a favourite hero of the youngest but not only, will work alongside the Foundation's teams throughout our odyssey. Molang will become the mentor of our outreach program. No doubt his kindness, generosity and attention will multiply the impact of our ocean protection education and warning messages tenfold." Franck David, CEO of Race For Water Odyssey


In 4 years Millimages has produced 4 seasons of "Molang" and is developing a 5th one this year. The little rabbit Molang and its bestfriend Piu Piu are followed every day by more than 2 million fans worldwide on social media.

Distributed in more than 190 territories on key broadcasters (Disney, Rai, TF1, KiKa, Netflix), the series has also a digital community which is growing up daily.