Winsing launched GG Bond and GOGOBUS' new toylines on its Fall products event

The company introduced six new toylines derived from the flagship animation IPs, and also featured three original IPs "Mega Meow", "Mongo", and "Shadows of the Void".

7 SEP 2023

GOGOBUS Mars Adventure Toylines 2023

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In late August, Winsing hosted its highly-anticipated New Products Fall Launch Event where it has introduced six new toylines derived from the flagship animation IPs, "GG Bond" and "GOGOBUS", along with their related recent animated seasons to debut. At the launch, Winsing also included a glimpse into three original IPs slated for release soon: "Mega Meow" (52X13'), "Mongo" (30X2'), and "Shadows of the Void" (13X21').

Preschool animated series "GOGOBUS" Season 13 and 14 are ready to release in China first, spanning over 100 TV channels and various online platforms. In the new space-themed season, "GOGOBUS Mars Adventure", the beloved school bus Gordon, will travel to Mars for an exciting space adventure. Meanwhile, he will have upgraded "Mars Mecha" equipment for the journey.

Based on the new look in the animation, three new toylines of "GOGOBUS" made the launch: 'Transforming Mars Mecha' series includes a primary vehicle and a Mars mecha, which can be transformed and combined into a big-size robot. 'The face-changing Mars Mecha' series can change the car into a robot, with face-changing features that can switch between different expressions. 'Ultra Mars Robot' is a highly posable robot with a considerable size that can combine five vehicles.

Winsing's 18-year flagship IP "GG Bond "continues to be extremely popular and reach billions of online discussions and to cater to this diverse audience, Winsing unveiled a range of trendy GG Bond toylines, including slow rebound figures, surprise boxes, highly posable action figures, and more. These new GG Bond toylines effectively expand their appeal to various age groups.

As one of China's pioneering 3D animation companies, Winsing has consistently centred its operations around animation IP content. Leveraging cutting-edge 3D animation technology, they have built a robust business ecosystem encompassing animation content production, distribution, and the creation of derivative content, products, and services.