Winsing launches two new series and fulfills Chinese cinemas

China’s leading animation company has released new seasons of "Kung Fu Pork Choppers" and "Gogo Bus" and announced that "Racing 72H" has grossed over $7.5 million at Chinese the box office.

9 JUN 2023

"Racing 72H"

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Winsing Animation has launched two highly anticipated animated series in China, "Kung Fu Pork Choppers" Season 6 (26x13’) and "Gogo Bus" Season 12 (26x13’). The 9 season of "Gogo Bus" was sold to RTV in Indonesia, following the good ratings of the previous seasons in the country.

"Kung Fu Pork Choppers" Season 6 delivers an unparalleled setting than before, bringing the super-pig-hero team into a captivating martial arts world. With its authentic Chinese kung fu foundation and combination of cutting-edge CGI techniques, it provides an immersive viewing experience for any kung fu lover. "Gogo Bus" Season 12 adopts the form of field sketching, with exquisite scene art, the knowledge is performed with witty and vivid, full of fun animation.

In June, Winsing will participate in the STVF (Shanghai Television Festival) and CICAF (China International Cartoon & Animation Festival), where the company will showcase its newest animated titles and unveil the latest developments. At these industry gatherings, Winsing is poised for interacting with international professionals, fostering creativity and collaboration within the animation sphere.

In addition to new releases of the animated series, Winsing is celebrating the box office revenue of the 8th animated film "Racing 72H" surpassing USD 7.5 million one month after its release. With box office success in China and constantly producing high-quality animation to enrich the IP universe, Winsing continues to expand its global reach and look for distribution opportunities worldwide.