The French distributor presents three ground-breaking investigations currently in production for France Télévisions’ "Science Grand Format" slot, for which ZED will handle distribution.


"Iznik: The Sunken Basilica"


Following recent major discoveries, ZED strengthens its science line-up as the company is handling distribution for three event-programmes that will explore historical and geological mysteries: "Vikings, The Ghost Ship"; "Iznik: The Sunken Basilica" and "Naples: Under The Volcanic Threat" that are already available for pre-sales.

"Vikings, The Ghost Ship" ("Viking: Le Bateau Fantôme"): Both a scientific investigation and an epic historical drama, this film will follow the extremely rare excavation of a 1200-year-old Viking funeral ship, found in Norway in 2018. Step by step, thanks to exclusive access to this archeological excavation, state-of-the-art technologies, cinema-worthy dramatized re-enactments, and with the help of great specialists of the Viking era, it will reveal who has been hiding inside this mysterious Viking coffin for over a thousand years.

Directed by Pierre Stine ("Pompeï Rising", "Waking the Baby Mammoth", "Toumaï – The Oldest Human Ancestor") and produced by ZED for France Télévisions, this 52’ & 90’ 4K is slated for completion by the end of 2021.

"Iznik: The Sunken Basilica" ("Les Secrets Engloutis De La Basilique"): Following archeologist Mustafa Sahin’s discovery, this film retraces the unprecedented underwater excavation supposed to unravel the mysteries surrounding a 1,600-year-old church found in 2014, in Turkey lake Iznik. Thanks to exclusive access to the site, aerial and underwater footage, CGI, and key experts specialized in religious buildings, spanning Turkey, France, Switzerland, the United States, and the Vatican, this investigation will delve into the remains of this underwater basilica, and take us on a unique journey back to the fourth century AD, and the foundation of Christianity itself.

Directed by Pascal Guérin ("Tsunamis", "Facing a Global Threat", "Volcano Devils"), produced by Les Batelières Production for France Télévisions, this 52’ & 90’ 4K will be delivered in September 2022.

"Naples: Under The Volcanic Threat" ("Baie De Naples, La Colere Des Volcans"): Using cutting-edge science and spectacular aerial footage, this investigation follows a team of scientists probing dangerous volcanoes that slumber in the region of Napoli. These threatening mountains could decimate the city and the 3 million people leaving around. A race against time to explore the geological process behind eruptions and to protect the bay from an imminent yet unpredictable danger.

This 90’ & 52’ 4K scientific investigation is produced by Artline Films & MyMax for France Télévisions and RAI. Directed by Laurence Thiriat, it will be delivered in February 2021.