ZED to distribute a new documentary on Ukraine's President

The documentary, produced by Bangumi, for TMC (TF1 Group), is now available for purchase.


Zed recently signed a deal with Bangumi to handle international distribution on "Zelensky: The Story," a profile documentary of TV star-turned-President of Ukraine. Written and directed by Willy Papa, Nicolas Fresco, and Arthur Genre, the film was produced by Bangumi, for TMC (TF1 Group), and is already available for sales. The film was produced for TMC (TF1 Group) and is already available for sales.

The 56-minute documentary explores how Zelensky went from comedian to wartime leader. From his beginnings as a TV show actor to his spectacular campaign, his election, and his rivalry with Russia’s president... it exposes the unusual journey of a man who has become the face of Ukraine’s resistance against Putin’s invading forces, and who is determined to fight.

The title serves Bangumi's niche of society and culture decryption shows, magazines, and documentaries. The first independent audiovisual company in France forms part of Zed's expanded distribution slate of 150 top French and international producers.


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