Prime Entertainment Group's title shows women facing the death penalty in the United States where this sentence still occurs.

12 DEC 2019

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Content producer and distributor Prime Entertainment Group has sealed a new deal with the Belgian channel, Medialaan, for a unique documentary “Women on Death Row” (1x52’). “Medialaan are great partners, we have been working together for the last 3 years especially for our high-quality documentaries. We are happy the quality of content in our crime and investigation catalog allows us to do business with leading network such as Medialaan in Belgium,” says Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Sales of Prime Entertainment Group.

This thrilling story addressing the matter of women facing the death penalty in the United States where this sentence still occurs, show several women waiting in death row for their last call. The series discovers the dramatic events and meet the families of these women accused of terrible crimes.

Rebranded in 2014, Medialaan, the once “Vlaamse Media Maatschappij”, is a Flemish speaking radio and television network operating off of Medialaan strasse the famous media street in Vilvorde Belgium.

This transaction follows several other deals between Prime and Medialaan over the years. Since 2016, Prime has concluded several contracts with the Belgian network, for a series of hit biographical documentaries including Prime’s “Zara: The World’s Richest Man” (1x52'), “The True Story of Angeline Jolie” (1x52’) and other crime related content such as “Oakland’s Juvenile Squad” (1x52’) and “Juvenile Squad in French Rivera” (1x52”).

Throughout the years, Prime has developed strong ties with other major players of the Belgian television market expanding business with leading actors such as RTBF, RTL, Telenet and SBS.