MIPCOM 2023: China showed its most exportable formats

In the 6th "Singing with Legends" , Dragon TV, CCTV, and Tencent Online Video highlighted their most outstanding formats including "Singing with Legends."

30 OCT 2023

Wisdom in China

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Organized by the iFORMATS team from the New Media Business Unit of Shanghai Media Group, the 6th Wisdom in China took place at the last MIPCOM and it was centered around the theme "Original TV Formats Bring New Opportunities for Future International Cooperation". In celebration of Dragon TV's 20th anniversary, this year's event highlighted the "Singing with Legends" format, showcasing its unique features and value to potential buyers. Additionally, the Wisdom in China event presented other high-quality programs from CCTV, Dragon TV, and Tencent Online Video, showcasing the potential for future collaborations between the international market and China's original formats.

In the panel discussion, Zhang Jinchao, Overseas Business Development Consultant at iFORMATS, moderated the session where participated Chen Hong, Producer of Dragon TV's "Singing with Legends", Esther Sanchez, the Head of Strategy & Sales at Ganga Production, and Auxi Gallego, the Head of New TV Formats at RTVE. The premise of format sales relies on robust data support. Buyers will calculate local revenue based on the performance of the program on streaming platforms, cable TV, and social media in the copyright holder's location. Undoubtedly, the market performance of Singing with Legends has instilled confidence in buyers.

Chen Hong, said, "From the first season to the fourth season, each episode had an audience of 30 million viewers on television, with a total of 1.3 billion times streaming the show on online platforms." When talking about the impact of short video platforms, Chen Hong believes that the emergence of short videos is both a challenge and an opportunity. By capturing the timely feedback from short video viewers, adaptive adjustments and upgrades have been made. For example, in the fifth season, the passage between the blind matching area and the main stage was shortened, and the rule of direct hotline was introduced. These changes have effectively improved the program's watchability and increased viewer engagement.

According to Esther Sanchez, a representative from the Spanish production company Ganga, the show "Singing with Legends" has effectively united two generations of viewers in the same living room by featuring young singers alongside renowned ones. Sanchez believes that this pairing creates a connection between audiences, bridging the spiritual divide caused by age differences. Furthermore, the rule of "blind pairing" adds intrigue and encourages viewers to continue watching, while unexpected twists and surprising combinations enhance the overall entertainment value of the program.

Auxi Gallego from RTVE expresses satisfaction with the success of "Dúos Increíbles" in Spain. She noted that the show achieved outstanding average ratings for its first season, ranking second highest in its time slot, a remarkable accomplishment considering the intense competition during prime time. Additionally, the program generated impressive engagement on social media, with 1.6 million tweets related to the show on Twitter throughout its duration.

Following the panel discussion, an array of top-notch variety shows, including "China in the Classics", "Journey of Chinese Art on the Scroll", "The City of Musicals", "The Next", and "The Fairy Tales", were showcased by CCTV, Dragon TV, and Tencent Online Video. Notably, the iFORMATS team commended Dragon TV's "The City of Musicals" for its emphasis on musical talent competitions. Particularly, the show's inaugural round, where "three contestants assume the same role and perform the same song," achieved remarkable success, setting it apart from the rest.

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