The Russian company is presenting, alongside Start, new dramas, psychological thrillers and mystery series at the virtual event.

12 APR 2021


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Yellow, Black and White and Start present their latest scripted series slate at MIPTV 2021, featuring gothic comedy-drama “The Vampires of Midland”; psychological thriller “Mediator”; young adult drama “The New Guy”; afterlife mystery series “Passengers”; Start's popular rehab drama “Addicted” and a revealing docuseries “Fortress. Russian Finance: The Faces Behind”.

“The Vampires of Midland” (8x52’): Grandpa Slava is the oldest of the Midland vampire family. They live quietly and by the law. They live the unremarkable life of an ordinary Russian family and they never kill humans – ever. But when some lifeless corpses are found in a birch grove, their peaceful life falls under threat.

"Mediator’ (16x52’): Andrey is a professional negotiator. When people can't agree, he helps them to — for a lot of money. For each dispute, he changes himself beyond recognition. Andrey can convince anyone of anything, anytime and anywhere, but he seems to have a hard time accepting his own self. This twisted phycological thriller tests the limits of how far people can go to get what they want. Cruel, dark, and shockingly manipulative, Andrey proves to be extremely efficient.

"Fortress. Russian Finance: The Faces Behind" (3x40’) is a docuseries based on the book “Kudrin's System” that investigates the Russian economy’s unexpected resilience after the global financial crash of 2008.

"Addicted" Season 3 (24x52’): This rehab drama offers another gripping series of intrigue, sex, secrets and lies. "Addicted" makes START’s top scripted drama series.

"The New Guy" (7x45’): The story takes place in a provincial Russian town where a 16-year-old teenager disappeared after the birthday party with classmates. The case opens up some unpleasant secrets kept by the boy's classmates, parents, school management, and even the town police.

"Passengers" (8x20’) is an episodic mystery drama, about regrets, atonement and absolution. Andrey drives a cab, but he’s no ordinary Taxi driver. All his passengers are dead. His job is to deliver them to the Afterlife, but it’s never straightforward.