27 FEB 2023

Bonnie Lener: “‘Molang’ is all about kindness and has universal values”

Bonnie Lener, Producer, and Sépideh Shirazi-Moayed, Content Sales Director at Millimages, talk about the company’s expansion plans and new projects around its worldwide hit “Molang.”

27 FEB 2023

Bonnie Lener and Sépideh Shirazi-Moayed

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Millimages is an independent animation studio operating out of Paris, London, and Shenzhen, with a catalog of over 1.500 hours of content. With over 75 IPs in 100 digital networks generating 10 million daily views, the company is currently trying to expand its target audiences and also pushing a new spin-off of “Molang,” its worldwide hit.

The spin-off of “Molang” the company is developing will be called “Molang Family,” and it will follow the new adventures of Molang and Piu Piu – still the best friends in the world – as they meet a young baby, which is not like any other baby, because he has superpowers. In this new program, the characters come together to form a family and have new crazy stories.

“‘Molang’ has done some great things in France, but also in the United States and Latin America as well. In fact, the top countries for ‘Molang’ are the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. It is very interesting because ‘Molang’ is a French animated series, but it works so well globally,”  Sépideh Shirazi-Moayed, Content Sales Director at Millimages, told Señal News.

Now looking for partners from around the world for this new project, the company is well aware that "Molang Family" has the potential to become an international success. “‘Molang’ is basically everywhere worldwide, as it is present in 195 countries, mainly thanks to Disney, in the beginning, and now Netflix. That is why it is really important for us to push ‘Molang Family’ too, which is different from the original because it has a new format of seven minutes,”  Shirazi-Moayed explained.

"Molang" made its debut on Netflix in 2019 when Millimages signed a deal with the streamer for the first season of the show. At the end of last year, the platform acquired seasons 2, 3, and 4, which began airing on November 1, becoming an immediate success. The show’s popularity is also replicated on social media, where “Molang” gathers over 6 million followers.

“Although we are at a really early stage, we are thinking about a movie of ‘Molang’ as well. We are really trying to push this little character that is so popular, and in fact deserves to be that popular, because it is all about kindness and has universal values that we want to share with viewers,”  commented Bonnie Lener, Producer at Millimages.

Taking advantage of the popularity of the character, which according to Lener, “talks to everyone because he is like the ambassador of kindness,”  recently the company made an international media campaign as part of the 20º edition of the “Safer Internet Day” against all types of bullying. “We made a partnership with e-Enfance, a French charity organization that supports young victims of bullying, which is making a lot of noise,”  the producer assured.

At the same time, in order to expand its targets, the company announced that it is renewing an old IP, which is called “The Homies,” and writing a third season. “The first two seasons were aired on MTV and Canal+ back in the day. We want this IP to be worldwide, as it is already really well known in France, but it has universal potential. It talks about the stories of young people in the hoods,”  Lener concluded.

By Diego Alfagemez and Federico Marzullo