27 MAY 2020


The Millimages hit series has reached a large exposure across the South-East Assia supported by new broadcasters and also new episodes of the series have been screened in 290 subway stations in Seul.




The Millimages animated hit series’ “Molang” has expanded its presence in Asia with new broadcasters airing the series. Also “Molang” has become of the favorite mascot in Seoul and Millimages has used the quarantine period to produce new content around the brand.

In South-East Asia, Disney Junior Sea will launch season 4 of the series in June whereas TVB Hong-Kong is airing season 3. On the other hand, OKTO Singapore will launch season 3 of “Molang” in June as well as Astro GO Malaysia. In addition, PTS Taiwan has launched season 3 in May and RTV Indonesia has launched season 1 in the same month. Finally Pops Vietnam Thailand will launch season 1 and 1 in June.

From April 27th, 290 subway stations in Seoul have adopted “Molang” as a new mascot. Special safety episodes have been produced by Millimages studios and are screened on 25.000 monitors, 40 times per day and a total of 7.5 million people enjoy the episodes. “’Molang’ is there to remind metro users the good practices during the Covid-19 pandemic,” explained Millimages.

The company also has been produced a collection called “My Sweet Quarantine”  with a lot of dedicated content that includes special posts, videos, DIY, and at-home activities.