The distribution company is offering three new animation titles: "Phantom Juggler", "Kivi" and "Olwyn".


"Phantom Juggler"


Novocomedy, the world’s largest provider of funny, mostly non-verbal clips, has added three new HD animated series to its extensive catalog.

The French distributor is offering "Phantom Juggler" (1x9') a spooky, animated short film written & directed by Brian Luff. On the very brink of breaking a world juggling record, Michael is struck by lightning at the Pavilion Theatre on Cleethorpes Pier. Determined to complete his challenge, he returns to the pier as a ghost with unexpected consequences for the tourist trade in Cleethorpes.

Another new title is "Kivi" (1x8'), a short animated film by Brian Luff that tells the story of a small boy that discovers that if you try hard enough you just might achieve the impossible.  Kivi is entranced by the skilfully crafted piles of rocks and stones on the beach, and he decides to build a pile of stones of his own.

Novocomedy has added also "Olwyn" (1x7'), the story of a small boy called Olwyn that becomes a little too daring while playing on his garden swing, and as a result is taken on a strange and mysterious journey into space. Olwyn discovers that even when life is at its most perilous, the Universe may find a way to take care of you.

With a catalog of 120,000 clips compiled and fully edited clips, or short clips, 22 minutes shows, Novocomedy programs are sold in 145 countries on all platforms – traditional TV, VOD, Inflight.