The international distributor announced new captivating high-quality kid's animation titles that are available for acquisition, distribution & worldwide broadcasting.


Novocomedy animated shows


Novocomedy, the world’s largest provider of funny clips, is presenting four new educative, enchanting & hilarious kid's animations series, “Tom & Tommy”; “Captain Pepe”; “Golden Five”, and “The Organism Heroes”.

In "Tom & Tommy" Show, (S1 & S2 26x2.5′)  Tom and Tommy are twins. They are hard to distinguish but their eye color gives them away. Their room is their own little world, no grown-ups, the kids are kings and the games are endless. They have a lot of toys. Tom and Tommy change roles each day and always plot against each other, full of life and energy they always try to find a way to outsmart one another and place new traps in their room.

In "Captain Pepe" Show (52x2.5′), there’s one little cute turtle that lives in a green lush field. She lives a peaceful life in her small home, takes care of her garden, and waters her fruit and vegetables. She takes care of all this land by herself and for herself, her life would be monotonous if it wasn’t for Captain Pepe. Captain Pepe lives high up on the peak of a rocky mountain, on his vantage point. His only life goal is to feed himself, he’s had enough of vegetables and fruit and he decided that he has to catch his prey, the cute green turtle Lilly.

In "Golden Five" Show (26x5′),  five inseparable friends from the neighborhood, Abaz, Kuan, Max, Rock, and Walt, big football fans, are very enthusiastic supporters of the local city football club The Dragons. They do not miss a single match in the league. All the club’s goods for cheering; flags, scarves, rattles, clappers, whistles, etc, they have it all. Colors of Dragons are green and bright yellow, and those colors make their daily outfit recognizable. Our heroes became local celebrities in the school and the entire city because of their superb football skills. Every weekend, all over the city, teams play football matches and update the table of standings. At the end of each season, a new city teenage champion is declared. The “Golden Five” is wishing to become a champion, but they never accomplished this.

Finally, "The Organism Heroes" (6x11′) cartoon animated series will try to explain, in the 12 episodes of 11 minutes, the most important processes in the human organism. The main four characters are Captain Blue, Captain Red, Captain White, and one female character Captain Green. The Captain Blue and Captain Green are brain cells that coordinate every action, the Captain Red controls erythrocytes, and Captain White controls leukocytes. They are an inexhaustible source of knowledge and interesting information, maybe sometimes a little bit boring with a lot of educational information, but they are indescribably sympathetic.