27 MAY 2024

Novocomedy Pranks landed on Twisted Mirror’s FAST Channel

Family-oriented hidden cameras will join the humor-packed channel.

27 MAY 2024

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Comedy shows and clips production company Novocomedy signed a deal to feature Novocomedy Pranks, its family-oriented hidden cameras shows, on the freemium comedy streaming service Twisted Mirror’s FAST Channel. Known first for its irreverent humor animations, Twisted Mirror has expanded its line-up to feature films, series and stand-up specials.

“When one thinks about humor that bears no borders and that can reach the entire family, Novocomedy’s pranks are the obvious choice,” said Erol Mustafov, Twisted Mirror’s co-founder. “They have quantity and quality, having produced hundreds of pranks over the years. Moreover, they’re already formatted in half hour shows, making it easier for our teams to organize the scheduling. It’s a smooth ride!”

“We’ve known Twisted Mirror for years and we simply love what they do!”, mentioned FX Poirier, Novocomedy’s Founder and CEO. “When they asked us to jump in the bus by providing content for them, it was a no brainer. Their presence keeps increasing. So is their audience. We strongly believe in their potential. And their sustainability plan is inspiring!”, he added.

To date, Twisted Mirror’s channel can be seen on over 20 platforms including LG Channels and Rlaxx TV in the UK and FuboTV, TCL and Sling in the U.S.