4 NOV 2021

New funny shows and a linear TV channel from Novocomedy

The French producer and distributor is offering new seasons of its hit programs, but also new shows and an on-demand streaming service and linear channel. Simon Tchokonte, Sales Director, talks about these new opportunities from global buyers.


Simon Tchokonte, Sales Director at Novocomedy


Novocomedy is a French distribution and production company whose catalogue contains one of the widest collections of funny and entertaining shows in the world, boasting more than 2000 hours of HD content ranging from candid cameras to home videos as well as magic, circus, sport or animation.

Currently, the company is producing new seasons of different titles such as "Mad animals” (26x22’), "Mad kids” (26x22’) and "Hilarious Home Video” (50x22')."We are also producing a special show for Christmas ‘Pop Xmas’ (10x11’), because Christmas is coming soon; we have a new animation series for kids that is available for distribution worldwide, and we are also producing 65 new episodes of 'Pranks Network After Dark'”, commented Simon Tchokonte, Sales Director at Novocomedy, to Señal News.

All these news were communicated during Novocomedy's participation at MIPCOM. "We had the possibility to get in touch with our clients and global partners. Although the MIP was not very full as usual, the few people that attended were very patient, good listeners, very friendly, and we had fun", stated Tchokonte. "We had very good meetings, quality meetings with major broadcasters from the United Arab Emirates, France, Brazil, Tanzania and with digital platforms from all around the world, that was very interesting", he added.

Expansion into linear and OTT space

In the middle of a global pandemic, Novocomedy decided to launch a new on-demand streaming service and a linear channel (FAST) called Novocomedy TV. "A lot of our clients are looking for our channel, they want to include it on their platforms", affirmed the Sales Director. Currently, Novocomedy TV is available on global platforms such us Rad, LG, TCL, ZEASN, Easy TV, Xiaomi, Huawei video, JIO and the Novocomedy’s app is available on the App Store, Google Play, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV. "Alongside the linear channel, we have a VOD section where audiences can watch the shows they prefer", commented the executive.

New trends on production and consume

Tchokonte said that during the pandemic there was a lot of people watching user-generated videos from The Net and TV channels and people will continue watching more and more this kind of content. "Nowadays Novocomedy has the possibility to edit shows and produce new shows of user-generated videos on different genres such as animals, sports and kids content", he explained. On the other hand, the executive also mentioned that Novocomedy's clients are looking for Kids content, hidden camera shows and magic programs.

For the next year, Novocomedy expects to start the production of new shows and bring them to the international market. Likewise, the distributor wants to increase its channel viewership and get closer with Telcos companies. "We also want to increase our social media platforms because in the last years we didn't focus into the development of our social media platforms, so we are going to put some content that we don't sell any more to the TV channels on those platforms", concluded the executive.

By Romina Rodríguez and Karla Flores