Novocomedy is looking to team up with bigger players in the industry

During 20 years, the company has built a robust offer of funny, non dialogue and family content with a global potential. François-Xavier Poirier, CEO of the company, talks about the possibility of acquisition of the company by a large aggregator.

26 MAY 2023

François-Xavier Poirier

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Novocomedy non dialogue, funny, family content has no barriers and fit in a number of segments where players are searching to acquire content. For that reason, a large aggregator approached the company to discuss the possibility to acquire it. "This is something that took us by surprise, and we are considering the possibility of working with a totally new partner in our industry," noted François-Xavier Poirier, CEO of the company, to Señal News. "It's been interesting for us to see how the new media has committed a strong appeal for short format, non dialogue, family content, that can be added to a various number of platforms around the world that need something that's very niche," he appointed.

The executive also mentioned that Novocomedy is in discussions with other potential partners once now that they have been approached by this large institution. "We are open to everyone. Before I'm going to make a decision this year, I will be talking to a number of major players in the industry," he clarified.

"There is no longer any barrier's language", Poirier mentioned as main advantage. The CEO explained that the Novocomedy content does not include drugs, religion, alcohol or political subjects. "We don't take any subjects that are barrier," he said. "We make sure that it is a funny content, from the protagonist point of view but also for the public and it can be viewed at all age," he remarked.

To be part of Novocomedy shows, the content has to have a funny twist. "We're looking for something that viewers can enjoy seeing without feeling pity for those who are being fooled," Poirier described. During the last past months, the company was working on new home videos that they added to their shows. "We have added another 12 shows of hilarious home video programming that were being delivered the middle of May," he said.

For the next Mipcom, Novocomedy plans to be able to have 24 shows of home video program with the best available today on the net. "We work with a number of partners that are providing us with their clips", he anticipated.

The second objective of the company is to continue with the discussions with bigger players in the industry. "We should be speaking to others because indeed, our speciality, our niche market does fit a number of areas that people are searching to acquire content," he concluded.