The distribution company is offering the 3D animated series “Save your Planet”; the educational title “Save your planet baby”; the comedy series “That's enough of that Xmas special” and “The milton milton show Xmas special”.


Novocomedy, the world’s largest provider of funny clips, mostly non verbal, has launched new animation programs to the international clients around the globe. The fist title is “Save your planet” (20X1’30'') a 3D animated series that presents the big environmental problems of the current time. By employing beautiful graphics and humorous storytelling, it introduces viewers to the ecological challenges, in an entertaining way.

Another new title is the eco- educational 3D animated series “Save your planet baby” (20X1’30''). The series has lovely storytelling, beautiful graphics and songs and explains to pre-school children and their parents how to make small (effortless) changes in their everyday life that collectively make a difference to the environment.

On the other hand, Novocomedy is offering “That's enough of that Xmas special” (1X6’13''), a verbal animated sketch comedy series that stars an unlikely team of aliens, babies, police officers, animals, vampires and angels who perform larger-than-life and often bizarre sketches.

Produced by Brian Luff & Georgina Sowerby known for also producing "Explicit Biscuit" which won "Best Animation" at the East Coast Film Festival (USA, 2018)

The last one is “The milton milton show Xmas special” (1X8’34''), a verbal show hosted by the foul-mouthed Milton Milton – a super-rich and obnoxious celebrity with the world’s most annoying voice and TV persona.

Milton is aided and abetted by a reluctant cast of animals, robots and aliens who he bullies, cajoles and bribes into helping him produce his long-running late night chat show.