19 APR 2022

Simon Tchokonte: "We are very happy to spread humor around the world"

Novocomedy's Vice President details the main goals of the company for 2022 and speaks about the importance of offering funny content in a sadness worldwide moment.


Simon Tchokonte


In the process of achieving the goals for 2022, Novocomedy is producing a lot of home-video shows in different categories. "We are currently producing animal shows, kids’ shows, fails shows and they are going to be in 22 minutes", said Simon Tchokonte, recently appointed Novocomedy's Vice President. The company will also be launching the second season of "Mad Animals" (26x22'), "Mad kids"(26x22') and Hilarious Home Videos (50 x 11’ and 25 x 22’).

Novocomedy is also expanding its business to the telco and OTT sectors with its Novocomedy FAST channel. "We are signing partnerships with many telcos, especially in the Middle East, India, Eastern Asia and Africa", affirmed the executive. "They are using our channel on their platforms to increase their viewers and subscribers", he explained.

On the other hand, Novocomedy has signed partnerships with platforms like Vizio, one of the major platforms in the US. "People can also download Novocomedy app to watch our content, and can find it on App store, Google play or Roku," added Tchokonte.


In 2022, Novocomedy would like to get back to production and also acquire more content, especially animation content, home-video content. "Nowadays, everybody has a good smartphone that can take very nice videos and pictures and with this, anybody can be a potential producer of home-videos. This is why we are trying to acquire as much as possible home videos from different creators and put them together to create more shows", stated Novocomedy's Vice President. "Everybody wants to become a celebrity, so people are happy to record their daily life and send them to us, so we can put them on TV. They want to be famous. This is a good opportunity for us to get more people on board, and we are offering a prize to those who send the best videos" he completed.

Given the difficult and drastic times the world is living in, funny contents have become more relevant and allow people to escape from their realities. "During the pandemic, some people have lost their relatives, or have been sick, or felt very anxious and sad and with humor, some of them have recovered their happiness. That is what people are looking for, people want to laugh and forget their daily issues, like the war, and when they watch funny content, they just forget their daily problems. We are very happy to spread humor around the world. Broadcast in 147 countries, our programs are 85% non verbal and ready-to-broadcast in any country", he concluded.

By Romina Rodríguez