"Save Your Planet" and "Save Your Planet Baby" can increase broadcasters' profits, by attracting sponsorships from big companies and allowing them to have a Green CSR.


"Save Your Planet"


Novocomedy introduces new eco-educational animation titles "Save Your Planet" (20 x 1'30") and "Save Your Planet Baby" (20 x 1'30") that can increase broadcasters' profits, by attracting sponsorships from big companies and allow them have a Green CSR (Corporate, Social, Responsibility).

 “Save your Planet” 3D animated series presents the big environmental problems of current time. By employing beautiful graphics and humorous storytelling, it introduces viewers to the ecological challenges, in an entertaining way.

“Save your Planet-Baby" is an eco- educational 3D animated series, with lovely storytelling, beautiful graphics and songs.The series explains to pre-school children and their parents, how to make small (effortless) changes in their everyday life, that collectively make a difference to the environment.


Novocomey also announces new captivating high quality kid's animation titles that are available for acquisition, distribution & broadcasting worldwide

"Tom & Tommy S1 & S2" (52x2.5'): Tom and Tommy are twins. They are hard to distinguish but their eye color gives them away.

"Captain Pepe" (52x2.5'): There's one little cute turtle that lives in a green lush field, her life would be monotonous if it wasn't for Captain Pepe. 

"Golden Five" (26x5'); Five inseparable friends from the neighborhood, Abaz, Kuan, Max, Rock and Walt, big football fans. Every weekend, all over the city, teams play football matches, at the end of each season, a new city teenage champion is declared.

"The Organism Heroes" (6x11'): Cartoon animated series that will try to explain the most important processes in the human organism. Captain Blue and Captain Green are brain cells that coordinate every action, Captain Red controls erythrocytes, and Captain White controls leukocytes.