The French distributor is offering an HD and funny titles called “Aristaeus”, "Cat Not Here", "Tailgate", and "Vetraio", all available to broadcast.


Novocomedy, the world’s largest provider of funny, mostly non-verbal clips is presenting its new lastest funny animated shows oriented to the family and available to broadcast.

One of the new titles is “Aristaeus” (1x11'x8") HD. Last year five sheep were struck by lightning and remarkably they all survived. This is the story of one of those sheep.

Novocomedy is also offering “Cat Not Here” (1x6'x58") HD, an animated short film based on a true story. Struggling artist Brian is going to try to win the Turner Prize, and he’s just had a completely mad idea.

Another animation show is “Tailgate” (1x9'x24") HD. Inspired by Spielberg’s 1971 classic “Duel”, Brian Luff’s dark, action-packed comedy thriller recounts the terrifying nightmare of a man pursued by a psychotic truck driver. But “Tailgate” is more than just a homage to Steven Spielberg - it’s an original and fresh take on the story that’ll both make you jump and make you laugh.

The last one is “Vetraio” (1x6') HD. Following a thunderstorm, a haunting bell draws a young lad called Vetraio inexplicably to the village church. The show is a Brian Luff film, written by Brian Luff, Georgina Sowerby & Cameron JL West, and a Fit2Fill Production.

With a catalog of 120,000 clips compiled and fully edited clips, or short clips, or 22 minutes shows, Novocomedy programs are sold in 145 countries on all platforms – traditional TV, VOD, Inflight.