Rainbow's "Winx Club" celebrates its 18th anniversary

The show originally aired on Rai Due Italy on 28th January, 2004. Since then, it has reached audiences all over the globe with its eight series releases, and over 15 billion views on YouTube. A ninth season is currently in production.


"Winx Club"  is celebrating its 18th anniversary. The title made its original debut on Rai Due in Italy on 28th January 2004. "The Winx have grown together with their many fans, who continue to follow the heroines of their childhood on the web and on social platforms," a related press release reads. 

Distributed in over 150 countries, Winx Club counts 8 animated TV series, 2 original animated series co- produced with Netflix, 3 animated feature films, countless live shows, and international musicals. Events and projects dedicated to fans around the world to celebrate the first 18 years of Winx Club are about to be unveiled. In the meantime, thousands of fans from every corner of the world have posted and shared videos, and the Winx have gone viral on the web.

Created by Italy’s Rainbow studio, the show has reached 150 countries, receiving 15 billion views on YouTube, 5 billion hashtag shares, a 8 series releases. A ninth series is underway, currently in production. A total of three theatrical movies have also debuted since the show's original airing.

The animated show is considered one of the most popular global TV options for kids and teenagers. Overtime, the themes have been adapted to appropriately meet the needs of the audience. "Magical heroines and ambassadors of universal values, the 6 fairies from Rainbow are a growing phenomenon embracing new generations and crossing cultural boundaries," the press release states. 

The show's six fairies have inspired various trends and forms of reinventation, such as the  3D animation with special effects created in Rainbow CGI studios, and the alterations made for the Netflix Oriignal live action how, among other innovations.