20 ENE 2021


During NATPE Miami 2021’s session “Best Practices For Attracting Audiences,” media experts highlighted the importance of analyzing consumer data, producing quality content that tailor to noted demands, and create easily-accessible platforms with appropriate features for viewers.


NATPE Miami’s two-part presentation, “Best Practices For Attracting Audiences” featured executives from Canal+, Viacom, Univision, and Livelike, among others. The session consisted of a discussion surrounding sales and marketing tactics to attract viewers to networks and streaming services.  All of the executives agree that the most crucial strategy that must be used to attract viewers is analyzing consumer data and how titles perform, how the audience reacts to it and then tailoring content to that specific audience and platform.

President of Entertainment and CMO Univision Communications Jessica Rodriguez explained that Univision’s main focus is to offer content that makes Latin-Americans feel represented, as well as comparing consumer data from previous years to determine how demands have shifted. The network’s streaming platform Prende TV, set to launch this year, derived from the need to offer a streaming platform as the average Latin American is subscribed to 4-5 SVOD services. The network also feels the need to establish a platform that stored news, telenovelas, blockbuster movies, documentaries, and more in one platform following noted demands.  

Prende TV is set to launch this year with over 10,000 hours of content, both first-party and third-party.  In a survey conducted by the network about the platform, 90% of respondents said that they are excited about the concept of an avod service, 90% would utilize the service, and 60% are excited to use the service. Data garnered from the platform will be used to examine consumer behavior to determine what content to release in the future.

Senior Vice President of the Marketing, Streaming Division ViacomCBS Networks International highlighted that one of the strategies being implemented by the company includes expanding into other regions, including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and Brazil, as well as revamping the brand worldwide. The company’s streaming service will soon launch in France. Paramount’s presence lies mainly in Latin America, the Nordics, and Australia. The company's streaming platforms have ensured ample streaming content and even free-to-air channels to retain its audience.

Product Manager CANAL+ Group Matthieu Montigaud talked about the initiatives made on behalf of the company, which include partnering with large names in the industry, such as Disney, Netflix, Warner Media, and Sky. Other efforts include switching from the second screen to the first screen and offering various catalogs, such as sports, cinemas, TV shows, among others,  to fit the needs of various audiences. The company’s platforms offer both live and on-demand, among other marketing assets which include a new interaction feature, launched two months ago.