Winsing Animation expands its digital contents to kids audio book

Apart from animation TV series, the company has created different audio content series such as "The Adventure of GG Bond", "Metalions" and "GOGOBUS" in China.


"The Adventure of GG Bond"


Winsing Animation is enriching its digital contents in kids space to accelerate the all-round entertainment development of every IP, including its highlights "GG Bond", "GOGOBUS" and "Team S.T.E.A.M.!". Recently, it is exploring the audio contents on the basis of the original animation contents and continues to drive the international podcast market.

Apart from animation TV series, Winsing Animation has created different audio content series such as "The Adventure of GG Bond", "Metalions" and "GOGOBUS" in China with very positive results. Based on various original IPs, these contents lean into story and every episode runs about 5-8 minutes, which is the proper duration for screen-free entertainment. To date, there are more than 6000 mins audio contents that have been launched on all major Chinese best-known podcast platforms like Himalaya FM, Dragonfly FM etc. In the future, it’s planned to be launched on iHuman Stories.

"The Adventure of GG Bond" launched in 2020 is targeted at 2-8 years old. As the essence version of the original animation, it combines soundtrack and voice-over well. There are 4 chapters and 104 episodes, totally in growth-inspiring and humorous style.

"GOGOBUS Bedtime" is a series of bedtime stories mainly made for children from 2 to 4 years old. It launched in 2020 and contains a total of 120 episodes adapted from the original animation stories. The stories are devoted to common sense, social emotional learning and safety education.

"Team S.T.E.A.M.!" is a brand-new series in 2021 set for children from 3-6 years old. Combining the concept of STEAM with Practice, it concentrates on the popularization of science and enlightenment with fun in order to inspire children’s interest in science and to improve the innovative ability to solve problems with knowledge.

Leaning on strong market recognition, Winsing launched its latest audio content which spin off its flagship IP "GG BOND", namely, "Learning Chinese Sinology with GG Bond" in Sept.2021. This new series targets covering a wider audience aged 4 to 12. There are 5 chapters including idioms, poems and some classics. With a total of 520 episodes (104 episodes/chapter), it’s dedicated to the interesting enlightenment of wonderful Chinese traditional culture in the form of sitcoms.

Exploring the pandemic, Winsing Animation is seeking new partners in audio contents and cooperation in TikTok for international distribution.